WANTED: tri series armor

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WANTED: tri series armor

Post by kohrei on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:39 pm

I'm trying to get Gigginox, Wroggi and Zinogre U relic armor in mh4u.

If anyone has the following quests i'd like them to pass it along to me.
-Zinogre, Tigrex, Kirin or Seregios Tri Series
-Brachydios or Brute Tigrex Tri Series C, D or F (preferrably C or F)

The most valuable guild quests i have are the following
Oroshi Kirin: freedom B (chest) (s.axe/c.blade/i.glaive)
Rajang: freedom B (chest) (bow/bowgun)
Shagaru Magala: freedom E (chest) (SnS/dual blades)
Teostra: freedom A (chest) (SnS/dual blades)
Kushala Daora: original B (chest) (Greatsword/long sword)
Gore Magala: original F (chest) (bow/bowgun)

I'm willing to exchange my quests for the ones i need, thank you for your time, and happy hunting!

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