SnS Mixed Set: Evasion +3/Honed Blade/Speed Sharpening

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SnS Mixed Set: Evasion +3/Honed Blade/Speed Sharpening

Post by kohrei on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:34 am

This is my go-to set when it comes to 1 slot weapons that need to pack a punch, while not taking too many yourself.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee in this black and yellow monstrosity.

The Set:
Weapon: Le Limier {Life Honed} [sharpener +2 jewel]
(Anything with 1 slot will work)
Head: Zinogre Z [evasion +3 jewel]
(Anything with 2 slots and 3 evasion will work, I like this though, because it matches the legs.)
Chest: Grand Divine Ire [evasion +3 jewel / sharpener +2 jewel]
(1 edgemaster and 3 slots, no other edgemaster chest will work.)
Hands: Kujula [sharpener +2 jewel]
(GX Fatalis works the same, I just made kujula first, and need fatalis parts for weapons.)
Waist: Grand Divine Ire [evasion +3 jewel]
(3 edgemaster and 2 slots, same logic as the chest)
Legs: Miralis [sharpener +2 jewel]
(Rathalos X works exactly the same, and white fatalis works if you have extra weapon slots.)
Charm: Evasion +5 [evasion +3 jewel / sharpener +2 jewel]
(5 or more evasion and 3 slots is what you need. You can push it with extra weapon slots though.)

Additional Notes:
Anything that can be gemmed in with 5 single slot jewels can replace the speed sharpening, but for SnS specifically, i think this works best.


Happy Hunting!

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